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McLaughlin Fellowship 2018 Research Colloquium

Apr 6, 2018, 10:44 AM by Kelley Murfin

The James W. McLaughlin Fellowship Fund, an opportunity that is open to all UTMB graduate and medical students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, and residents working in infection and immunity research, held its annual Research Colloquium on March 30. The following ITS HPTM students presented posters at this year’s colloquium - 

Megan Amerson-Brown: Elevated Glucose Alters the Vaginal Microbiome, Increases Inflammatory Markers and May Contribute to Bacterial Vaginosis

McLaughlin Colloquium 1 

Charles E. Hart: Evidence of Zika Virus Inhibition in Cells Infected with La Tina Virus

McLaughlin 2 

Corri B. Levine: Examining the Differences in Replication Kinetics Between Bundibugyo and Zaire Ebolavirus

McLaughlin Colloquium 3 

Christopher M. Roundy: Developing a Non-Destructive Assay of Zika Vector Competence

McLaughlin Colloquium 4 

A former TL1 Pre-Doctoral student also presented:

Maria Ansar: Type I Interferon Mediates Airway Mucosa Inflammation and Clinical Disease in RSV Infection

McLaughlin Colloquium 5


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