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CTSA Program: Opportunity to join the CTSA Program COVID-19 Discussion Forum

Mar 16, 2020, 09:16 AM by Gilbert Mireles
Dear CTSA Program PIs and Administrators,

Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak, NCATS has created a Discussion Forum (DF) so that CTSA Program hubs can share their approaches, communicate best practices, provide ongoing updates about COVID-19, and query the community for advice on specific situations. CTSA Principal Investigators and hub staff are invited to join the DF by following the instructions listed below. We anticipate that this DF can provide a mechanism for dissemination of information regarding COVID-19, while providing asynchronous communications for a rapidly evolving public health emergency. Should the forum response prove overwhelming, we can consider adding more focused discussion forums targeting specific topics.

As the DF is hosted on the NCATS Google Suite federated platform, NCATS has set up a help desk; if you experience any technical difficulties with accessing the Google Suite platform, please send an email to

To access this Discussion Forum, please follow these steps:

1.    Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser. Do not use Internet Explorer. Go to Click CTSA Program Response to COVID-19 Discussion Forum.
2.    You will be directed to a Welcome page for secure login. Click the blue button to continue as a new user.  (Returning users already have a account.)

3.    You will be directed to a Login page. Type your institution’s credentials and login with your CTSA account.  If you cannot find your institution in the list of Research Institutions, please email for assistance.

4.    After logging in, you will see the CTSA Program and Response to COVID-19 Discussion Forum landing page. Click Apply to Join.

5.    You will receive a welcome email after your request is approved.  NCATS anticipates that a substantial number of CTSA members may be interested in participating. NCATS will approve new member requests within one business day of your submission.  

Thank you,
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