About ITS Direct Connect

Thank you for inquiring about ITS Direct Connect. The Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) has integrated this service for UTMB faculty and staff who may need help from any of our ITS resources. ITS Direct Connect will make possible a single source of contact that will route incoming requests to designated ITS contacts for quick responses to questions, inquiries, and services.  ITS Direct Connect will also track all requests and has the capability to report on all departmental services rendered.

ITS Direct Connect is available on select pages such as the ITS Home Page, and under Research Support in the main menu at the top of each page.. On the ITS Home Page, clicking ITS Direct Connect opens the New Ticket Submission form and the link under Research Support brings you to this page. Here on this page, you may also submit a ticket using the link below!

ITS Direct Connect is a very simple tool to use.  For those who may submit a ticket, it will be as simple as clicking a link on the ITS Web Site and filling in a simple form with your question and contact information, then clicking the submit button.  The Coordination Core will then receive the ticket, determine who the contact is and re-route the ticket to the appropriate person.  The Contact will then receive an email with a link to open the ticket at the ITS Direct Connect website then directly contact the person who submitted the ticket.  The Coordination Core will be able to track the ticket, change its priority, and if the allotted time has passed, re-route the ticket to another contact.

A Contact who receives a ticket, clicks on the link in the ticket’s email and is taken to the ticket on the ITS Direct Connect website.  Here the contact can Take Over the ticket and respond, change its priority or even reroute the ticket if necessary (Deferred).  Once the Contact has satisfied the users request he/she may then enter some notes and close the ticket.

For Contacts, help is available on every page.  On the Reports page, all contacts can build a ticket-report by date, category and status with the ability to export to Excel.  You can also see a visual graph of tickets created and closed as well as tickets handled.

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