Clinical and Translational Research

A leader in clinical care and research, UTMB has been actively engaged in translational research since 1966 as the first pediatric burns hospital in the US, with a 52-year continuously funded clinical research center and now our  CTSA award. Our CTSA is located within the Institute for Translational Science (ITS), UTMB’s academic home for Clinical/Translational (C/T) research since 2007.

Over the past 5½ years, our CTSA hub has produced a fundamental transformation of UTMB’s research culture to one that embraces multidisciplinary translational teams (MTTs) to address human health spanning the translational research continuum. These are teams of researchers with diverse skills who can work effectively toward positive health outcomes. The teams also serve as exemplary learning environments for the next generation of translational investigators.

In partnership with UTMB research entities (Centers, Institutes, and Departments) we have significantly grown our presence in comparative effectiveness and patient- centered outcomes research, growing new multi-site clinical trials in geriatrics, pediatrics and pregnancy special populations.  The UTMB CTSA hub has participated in CTSA consortium activities, providing leadership in core resource sharing, course content dissemination and multi-site clinical trials at the Texas Regional CTSA consortium (TRCC, comprised of the four Texas CTSA hubs).
We are working to enhance the conduct of clinical and translational science by: