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The Translational Research and Entrepreneurial eXploration (TREx) program is a partnership between UTMB's Institute for Translational Sciences, Integrated Imaging Group, Center for Addiction Research, Office of Technology Transfer, and Technology Commercialization Program. 

Toward the common goal of facilitating technology development and commercialization, TREx supports investigators through technology management, mentorship, and funding, via a variety of mechanisms.

In the past two years, UTMB investigators were granted 44 patents and received more than $13 million in licensing revenue. UTMB currently has 10 products - drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and software - in the market and generating licensing revenue.

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Our Mission: 

  • Accelerate translation of our fundamental science toward the clinic
  • Promote the cultural environment to value and foster translation of our discoveries
  • Engender core competencies in entrepreneurship to incentivize the next generation of translational scientists
  • Coordinate and leverage resources and expertise into an integrated, focused paradigm

Our Vision: 

  • Offer Technology Commercialization Program (TCP) grants
  • Provide mentoring and expertise for protecting intellectual property
  • Promote collaborations with industry partners



Kathryn Cunningham
Co-Director, TREx
Director, Center for Addiction Research
Cunningham Laboratory
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Massoud Motamedi
Co-Director, TREx
Director, Integrated Imaging Group
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