Successful Entrepreneurship




The University of Texas System has tasked UTMB and its CTSA in developing a successful Healthcare Entrepreneurship Program. The program will train pre-doctoral and medical students, physicians, faculty, and staff in "best practices" for strategic application of business principles, as well as provide educational and practical partnerships for entrepreneurs to work towards the commercialization of innovations in medical technology and health care. Administratively, courses within this program are managed through UTMB's newly established Human Pathophysiology and Translational Medicine Training doctoral program, jointly administered through UTMB's Institute for Translational Science and the UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. Other program elements are managed by UTMB’s Institute for Translational Sciences and the CTSA. Disseminating aspects of this program to all Texas campuses will expand the potential for partnerships across these campuses.


Educational components include: