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Message from UTMB President David L. Callender, MD, MBA, FACS

UTMB President David L. CallenderThe University of Texas Medical Branch, throughout its 124-year history, has used innovation and collaboration to help fulfill our core missions in education, research and patient health care. In today’s ever-changing health care environment, the need to work together to come up with resourceful, new ideas and solutions — and collaborate to bring them to life — is greater than ever.

Great creative ideas abound throughout UTMB, and our employees from across the institution frequently put forward innovative challenges and solutions. Innovation Challenge 2014 provides a wonderfully accessible way to draw attention to the importance of creative problem-solving techniques, bring them forward, and put them into practice. As a first step in Innovation Challenge 2014, I strongly encourage all UTMB employees to visit the IDEAxCHANGE forum and share creative ideas and solutions to solve UTMB's Grand Challenges. In addition, please identify problems that prevent us from being our best - your colleagues likely have inspired ideas to help overcome these problems.

UTMB’s executive leadership team is looking forward to the opportunity to embrace and implement the best of the ideas presented at the “Challenge Tank’’ on August 14th. Please review this web site for more information, and thank you for your participation in this exciting UTMB initiative designed to inspire, cultivate and reward innovation.


David L. Callender