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Updated 8-August-13

Video of the Challenge Tank / UTMB Health 2013


Updated 31-October-2013

Although the Collaborative Innovation course officially ended on August 15th, 2013, the implementation component continues, a testimony to the commitment of this class. The individual teams provided the following updates on their solution implementations.

Challenge 1. How do we encourage UTMB employees to lead healthy lifestyles? 

Challenge 2. Invest in employee development to provide improved healthcare for the people of Texas & around the world?

Challenge 3. Foster institution-wide innovation to enable UTMB to transform patient care, health sciences education, and research.

Challenge 4. Improve patient and primary care physician relationships to enhance patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

Challenge 5. Facilitate the development of collaborative, inter-professional teams to deliver excellence in patient-centered care.


Updated 3-December-13

UTMB Innovation Challenge 2013 Summary Report

Updated 10-April-2014

Continued progress by the Collaborative Innovation teams discussed here.