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Updated 15-Apr-14

Moderators recruited for IDEAxCHANGE

UTMB IDEAxCHANGE will open May 1, 2014

Registration for Collaborative Innovation class will begin April 18th, 2014

Updated 23-Sept-14

Regarding IDEAxCHANGE:
This year, we had 311 ideas and problems posted to IDEAxCHANGE. There were 1808 comments made in response to these posted ideas/problems. ALL postings made to  IDEAxCHANGE were reviewed by 30 moderators from across campus. 

So, what happened to the ideas posted on IDEAxCHANGE? 

Under the category "Ideas to Improve UTMB", we had 201 ideas submitted. Our moderators forwarded 87 ideas (43%) to various campus leaders. Approximately 25 ideas (12%) received feedback, and these responses were posted to IDEAxCHANGE. Approximately 12 ideas (6%) were considered appropriately addressed and implemented (thus labelled "resolved") by the individual who posted the original idea. This is a good start, and we hope to have a greater percentage of ideas implemented during the next IDEAxCHANGE period.

Under the category "Problems We Need to Solve", we had 59 ideas submitted. Our moderators forwarded 26 ideas (44%) to various campus leaders. Approximately 17 problems (29%) received feedback, with this feedback posted to IDEAxCHANGE. Approximately 7 problems (12%) were considered appropriately addressed and solved (thus labelled "resolved") by the individual who posted the original problem. Again, this is a good start at identifying and solving problems faced by our campus.

Regarding the Collaborative Innovation class:
This "class" was open to anyone on campus, and ran from May-August (although a team is still at work implementing their solutions with HR). The class team was free to tackle any problem or idea noted on IDEAxCHANGE. There was never any restriction to a "top five" idea or problem. However, the team wisely focused on the problems that were most high impact and listed in the "Grand Challenges" section of IDEAxCHANGE. Ultimately, the team decided to tackle the challenge put forth by CEO Sollenberger, namely "How can we motivate more employees to use UTMB as their healthcare provider?". The team worked on a solution for 8 weeks, in the process meeting with leadership and individuals from all across campus to develop a creative solution and an implementation plan. The team presented their solution to Drs. Callender and Jacobs and CEO Sollenberger in mid-August. Their solution was enthusiastically embraced by UTMB leadership. The team is now working with HR leadership and management to deploy their solution through a novel program that targets new employees during the New Employee Orientation training sessions.

Updated 25-Sept-14
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