How to set-up your protocol in Open Specimen

Follow the steps below to configure Open Specimen for your protocol. Click the links for more detailed information.

1) Gather the overall requirements of the project
Protocol Review / Video(Collecting requirements for a new protocol for use in Open Specimen)
Protocol Review Template( a template to help you gather protocol information for Open Specimen, may not open in older versions of Internet Explorer)

2) Collect user information to be entered into Open Specimen
Institute and User Review (Setup by system administrator)

3) Preparing Open Specimen for the selected protocol
Configure the Collection Protocol
Configuring the Distribution Protocol

4) Preparing to use a Freezer
If using an existing freezer - Allocating Freezer Box Space
Or contact the super admin to map your existing freezer/s

5) Consents
Configuring Consent Tracking

6) Events and Specimen Requirements
Configuring Events
Configuring Specimen Requirements
Configuring Aliquots
Configuring Derivatives

7) Collection Protocol Settings
Configuring Collection Protocol Settings Includes: Auto generated labeling and manual labeling