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Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurial Training Program

The emergence of cellular and molecular medicine provides academic health centers with unparalleled opportunities to re-engineer health research and patient care through innovation. Implementing innovation typically requires entrepreneurship, and unique component skills that include management, team building, and risk acceptance.

UTMB and UTHealth CTSAs in partnership with the UT-Austin McCombs School of Business aim to train physicians, faculty, fellows, pre-doctoral students, medical students, postdoctoral scientists and staff in the skills and knowledge needed to enhance entrepreneurial thinking. Two courses are offered as part of the Texas CTSA Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program. Graduate students may enroll in these courses for inter-institutional credit. click here to find out more!

January 6 – February 26, 2016 – registration information will be posted soon
February 29 – April 22, 2016 – registration information will be posted soon


Seminars and Short Courses

Topics in Translational Research Seminar Series. Series of monthly seminars followed by reception open to all UTMB investigators, staff and students as well as community members interested in translational research. Presentations by local and nationally known experts aim to improve awareness of ongoing translational and clinical research, stimulate formation of new translational teams, provide information about proper study design and inform about access to core facilities and key resources.

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Translational Research: Tools & Techniques Seminar Series. Series of weekly, one-hour sessions from September-May providing an overview of ethics, methods, and issues in the advances of medicine through the conduct of research involving human subjects. UTMB faculty, fellows, residents, and other research team members may choose to attend any or all sessions; on-site registration open year-round. Offers UTMB Risk Education, and Graduate School credits. Focused modules within course include 1) Regulations & Ethics and 2) Epidemiological & Statistical Methods.

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Module Brochure: Regulations & Ethics - available soon

Module Brochure: Epidemiological & Statistical Methods - available soon

Scientific Writing for Translational Research”, offered by the Institute for Translational Sciences - Education Office (Constance D. Baldwin, Ph.D., Course Director), is designed to help participants develop an effective writing style for scholarly documents, with special emphasis on research articles and grant proposals. Presented as 4 interactive seminars, the course includes constructive critique of a variety of writing samples.

Registration forms and detailed information about each session are planned to be available in early 2016.

Graduate School Courses

Several courses were developed as required or prescribed specialized courses for the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences’ Clinical Science Graduate Program (PhD or MS degree) and may be considered as electives for other graduate Programs. Find more information at:

Courses developed as part of the Texas CTSA Collaborative Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program may also be considered as electives for other graduate Programs, click here to find out more!


Medical School Research Courses

The Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) offers several research opportunities within the School of Medicine curriculum, all titled "Multidisciplinary Translational Research”. Improving human health relies on translating scientific discoveries into practical applications. The Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) and its collaborators are creating an environment for rapid translation of significant discoveries in basic research into diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common diseases and are working to facilitate Y1 (bench to bedside) as well as T2-T4 research (adoption of best practices, outcomes, community research). The ITS partners with a variety of multidisciplinary translational teams. These teams of investigators include diverse disciplines and departments who conduct collaborative research with a focus on translation. The ITS is home to UTMB’s Clinical Research Center (CRC), the NASA funded CRC Satellite Flight Analog Research Unit as well as a variety of projects on novel methods and pilot research.

Each research-centered experience is with an established investigator, as a full-time member of a UTMB investigative team, during a 4-week period or longer. Provisions for combining redundant course requirements are considered for students enrolled in both the research elective course (ITSU 4403) and the basic science selective course (ITSU 4402). Students may also enroll in the research elective course during the 8 week Medical Student Summer Research Program (MSSRP, ITSU 1050), offered between year 1 and 2 of the medical school curriculum.

Each course is designed for individuals considering an academic career in a clinical department or those with an interest in translational research, basic research that has potential for translation to clinical care or public health, or clinical research conducted at the ITS Clinical Research Center.

School of Medicine Research Elective: Multidisciplinary Translational Research (ITSU 4403)

School of Medicine Basic Science Selective: Multidisciplinary Translational Research (ITSU 4402)