What Is Translational Research?

A consensus working definition was recently formulated: "Translational research fosters the multidirectional integration of basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research, with the long- term aim of improving the health of the public. T1 research expedites the movement between basic research and patient-oriented research that leads to new or improved scientific understanding or standards of care. T2 research facilitates the movement between patient- oriented research and population-based research that leads to better patient outcomes, the implementation of best practices, and improved health status in communities. T3 research promotes interaction between laboratory-based research and population-based research to stimulate a robust scientific understanding of human health and disease". Acad Med. 2010; 85: 470-475.


What Is Translational Research


The HPTM program at UTMB focuses on the T1 aspect of the translational research spectrum. This program was designed to respond to the following issues: