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Academy of Research Mentors - Mentoring Teams

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The Academy of Research Mentors consists of 8 mentoring teams. Each team includes 2 or 3 ARM members and 4 to 6 junior faculty mentees. Each team meets monthly to discuss multiple topics concerning their careers. The team leads are:

Academy of Research Mentors members

George Kramer
Alfredo Torres
Scott Weaver
Lynn Soong
Nisha Garg
M. Terese Verklan
Ashok Chopra
Mahmoud S. Ahmed
Regino Perez-Polo
Monte Pettitt
Shakeel Ansari
Ron Tilton
Karl Anderson
Ashok Chopra
Ron Tilton
David Walker
Pomila Singh
Giulio Taglialatela
Ron Tilton
Doctor w Globe
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