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Current TL1 Trainees:

Current TL1 Trainees

  • Edward Higgins

    Ed Higgins

    Mentor: Mark Hellmich
    Clinical Mentor: Celia Chao

    After finding early success in the IT business, Ed Higgins decided that his ultimate passion was merging his business background with translational science. Ed is a graduate from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities attaining a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Cell Biology with Distinction. His primary research interests involve mechanisms of cancer development, specifically in gastrointestinal cancer. Currently, through his TL-1 award and under the direction of his Principal Investigator, Dr. Mark Hellmich, I am working on how the transsulfuration pathway enzymes and hydrogen sulfide production is involved in colorectal cancer development and progression through the development of an immunosuppressive microenvironment.


    2018-Present – TL1 Predoctoral Trainee (TL1 TR 001440)

  • Catherine Sampson

    Catherine Sampson
  • Rachel Sattler

    Rachael Sattler
Former TL1 Trainees: