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The Research Education, Training and Career Development resource provides a coherent and theoretically grounded education on translational research to trainees at multiple levels, from predoctoral trainees to faculty. We strive to facilitate the acquisition of basic knowledge and skills that are essential for clinical and translational research and provide educational resources to multidisciplinary translational teams and their members. To this end, we have developed integrated pre- and post-doctoral training programs in translational research as well as a mentored “K12” program for junior faculty development and support.

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Email CTSA@utmb.edu or x72872 (CTSA)


Mark R. Hellmich, Ph.D.
Director, Translational Workforce Development; Director, Training Program (TL1); Director, HPTM Graduate Program
Bill T. Ameredes, Ph.D.
Director, Career Development
(KL2) Program; Co-Director, TRSP
Karl E. Anderson, M.D.
Co-Director, Translational Workforce Development; Co-Director, Career Development (KL2) Program; Director, Clinical Science Graduate Program
Celia Chao, M.D.
Co-Director, Training Program (TL1); Director, MMS Graduate Program
Celeste C. Finnerty, Ph.D. Assistant Director, Career Development (KL2) Program
Tasnee Chonmaitree, M.D.
Co-Director, TRSP
Donna J. Adams, M.S. Ed.
Training Manager
Jennifer Ruiz-Betancourt
Coordinator II
Loren Provoyeur
Coordinator I



Anyone who might be considered a trainee or learner within any of the ITS resources should complete a brief online form. Documenting research training experience related to the Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) is important to help the ITS record and maintain support for its many training activities. This includes MTT, CRC, novel methods, pilot projects, key resources, and includes students in any of the health professions, research and clinical fellows, and faculty in career development and mentoring programs. Short term learners who are not in formal training programs are also important.

All trainees should go to this website and fill out a short form, which can be completed in a few minutes. Please follow this link: ITS Trainee Registration Form

If the link above does not work, try copying the link below into your web browser:

Note: Those responding to the survey must have UTMB login credentials and will be required to login to the UTMB network via VPN if responding to the survey from off-campus. For those without UTMB login, please contact the ITS Education Office at ctsa@utmb.edu.


Award Announcement

HPTM student, Jourdan Andersson, B.S, has been awarded a T32 Pre-Doctoral Biodefense Training Grant under the Pre-Doctoral Biodefense Training Program project for her project titled,  “Novel live-attenuated vaccine candidates to combat plague.” The selection criterion was based on the study of NIAID Priority Pathogens and submission of NIH F31-style grant application. She will be working on this project under the guidance of Dr. Scott Weaver. Congratulations Jourdan!

KL2 Scholar News

Ana M. Rodriguez, MD, MPH, FACOG, Division of Gynecology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and a KL2 scholar at the ITS, will be presenting a poster entitled, “Long-term impact of HPV vaccination on pre-invasive and invasive cervical neoplasia and other HPV-associate diseases,” at the NIH Future Research Leaders Conference (FRLC) in Bethesda, MD, from September 13-15. Congratulations Ana!

Drummond Wins Vernon R. Young Award

Micah Drummond, PhD recently won the prestigious Vernon R. Young Award International Award for Amino Acid Research from the American Society of Nutrition at the Experimental Biology meeting held in San Diego. Drummond, is a former UTMB Institute for Translational Sciences KL2 Scholar and Translational Research Scholar Program member. During his time at UTMB, he was mentored by Dr. Elena Volpi, MD, PhD and active on the Multidisciplinary Translational Team for Aging and Sarcopenia. Congratulations to Dr. Drummond on receiving this very notable award.  

Successful Year of NIH Awards for ITS Scholars and Other ITS Early-Career

Within the last year, there has been a surge of successful grant applications from ITS Scholars and ITS early-career faculty. (click to find out more!)