Participate in Clinical Research

How To Participate

Whether you are new to clinical research or have previously participated in a clinical study or trial, welcome! We are grateful for your interest and involvement.

Clinical research involves people – individuals with a particular disease or health condition under study and individuals who are healthy or who do not have the particular disease or condition under study. Adequate numbers of qualified study participants and quality data are needed to answer the scientific questions being asked.

Many people think of clinical research only as clinical trials that test investigational drugs, devices or procedures. Clinical trials are one type or method of clinical research. Clinical research includes many types or methods of study, each yielding different kinds of information to improve medical care and better health. In addition to clinical trials, clinical research includes survey/questionnaire studies, data and/or sample collection studies and observational studies.

You can check the study listing below to find some studies at needing study participants. Just click on a category of interest. Any available studies in that category will appear in a new window. You will find basic information about the study and who is eligible to participate. If you think you may be eligible or if you have questions about a particular study, you may email or phone the study contact listed for more information.

The study listings may not reflect all currently enrolling studies at UTMB. If you have a particular interest and do not see any studies listed, please email for more information.

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