Nisha Jain Garg, Ph.D.


Nisha Jain Garg, Ph.D.

UTMB has a long history of successfully mentoring scientists throughout their careers. Traditionally, most investigators learn to mentor by imitating their own teachers and through informal observations and experiences. While valuable, this approach doesn’t fully address the complexity of developing the next generation of researchers.

In an effort to improve the quality of mentoring and multidisciplinary research at UTMB, the Institute for Translational Sciences (ITS) developed the ARM - an integral component of the institution’s Clinical and Translational Science Award. In May 2012, the ARM was formally established with the charge of serving all academic components of UTMB.

Accordingly, the ARM is engaged in the following:


Current Events

The ARM is working to:

• Develop a system of team mentoring for individuals, so that they can benefit from multiple mentors, each with different expertise and perspectives and so that mentors can provide assistance related to their strengths.

• Initiate a new program that focuses on assisting senior faculty with a history of research funding, but who have not been successful in recent years in obtaining new grants.

• Learn about current mentoring activities in each Department and how ARM’s work can better synergize and facilitate with ongoing activities.


• Sponsored a mentoring workshop. We used small group interactions as a means of learning about five topics central to successful mentoring. This model will help establish ongoing mentoring training at UTMB.

• The ARM developed an ongoing seminar for junior faculty to learn more about skills necessary for functioning as academic citizens, becoming more visible in professional societies, and balancing family and professional commitments. It is anticipated that this might be incorporated into UTMB’s faculty orientation.

Your Involvement

The ARM welcomes your questions and suggestions. Please join us as we endeavor to enhance research mentoring at UTMB and work to develop the next generation of researchers and mentors. Want to be a mentor or need mentoring, please contact us.