BioHPC (High Performance Computing)

BioHPC is a resource for researchers to provide High Performance Computing for conducting scientific research that take up a tremendous amount of data storage as well as computing power. Solving the world's biggest problems require serious solutions utilizing an advanced computing system.

Hardware: – A small cluster of machines running Rocks 6.2. It is intended for smaller, less parallel or serial jobs as well as for parallel code development.

This resource is housed on campus and maintained by the Institute of Translational Sciences. It consists of 12 nodes with dual socket (12 cores per node) Intel Xeon X5650 2.67 GHz processors, and the nodes have either 132 or 24 GB of RAM, and are connected via a Mellanox InfiniBand switch to the cluster storage


External software and applications that ITS manages:
BaseCAMP (Tools and methods for better communication and collaboration between projects).
Clarity LIMS Gold (Built for clinical or research, genomics and mass spec laboratories to provide end-to-end workflow tracking and integration).