Open Specimen

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Open Specimen is a bio-banking platform to collect, store, process, annotate and distribute bio-specimens in a cohesive bio-banking database.  OpenSpecimen streamlines management of bio-specimens across collection, consent, QC, request and distribution.  Its user friendly interface is why more than 30+ biobanks have adopted Open Specimen globally.

We invite you to watch the video on this page, Open Specimen Video, to learn more!


Who can use it

How do I get access?


(All help files available as a registered user for the use of Open Specimen)
Open Specimen Methodologies (three methods for bio-specimen collection, storage and management)
Open Specimen Training Topics (webpage of training topics with links)
Protocol Review Template ( a template to help you gather protocol information for Open Specimen, may not open in older versions of Internet Explorer)
Operational Workflow for Longitudinal Studies
Master Specimen Importation Flowchart
Unplanned Specimen Management (the most simple form of specimen management)

Example Import Files (for importing data into Open Specimen)
Test Blood Serum - Specimen Aliquots 20170302.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Consents 20170228.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Master Specimen Unplanned 20170301.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Participant Update 20170301.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Participants 20170301.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Specimen Derivatives.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Specimens.xlsx
Test Collection Protocol - Visits.xlsx