Clinical Research Center (CRC) Committees

The ITS Scientific Review Committee (SRC)

The major charge of the SRC to is to review all CRC protocols for scientific merit and suitability for utilization of CRC resources. Subject safety is also considered althought the primary responsibility for this issue resides with the UTMB IRB. A protocol must be approved by the SRC and given a scientific priority score before any study-related procedures begins. Priority for utilization of the CRC is determined by the priority score and by any recommendations made by the committee regarding use of particular CRC resources. The SRC also reviews other proposals, including applications to the ITS for support of pilot studies, multidisciplinary translational teams and novel methodologies.

CRC Executive Committee

This committee consists of the Program Director (PD) (Chair), Associate Program Director and Director of the Translational Technologies Core who also coordinates the Core Laboratory, Nurse Manager, Bionutrition Manager and Administrative Coordinator.

This committee meets monthly to coordinate the daily administrative management and to plan the strategic direction of the CRC. This administrative structure is supplemented by weekly, individual meetings between the PD and the Associate PD, Assistant PD, Administrative Director of the ITS, , Nurse Manager, and Bionutrition Manager, respectively. Once a month, the Program Director and Administrative Director for the ITS meet with the nurses as a group and meet with the Bionutrition staff as a group as requested by the Bionutrition Manager. Quarterly meetings are held also with the Quality Management and Safety Committee.