Clinical Research Center (CRC) Core Laboratory

The mission of the Core Laboratory at UTMB is to support outstanding clinical investigation by facilitating processing and analysis of blood and tissue samples and by assisting with those aspects of experimental design that deal with acquiring laboratory data and their interpretation. We also facilitate investigator's research that requires imaging and body composition measurements.

Core Lab Functions

Core Lab Center

Imaging Lab Functions

DEXA Nutrition
The Clinical Research Center is equipped with a GE Lunar iDEXA for purposes of measuring lean body mass and bone mineral density. A trained technician is available to perform these measures. This imaging technique is used in a number of active projects examining the impact of various nutritional and exercise interventions. The simultaneous acquisition of lean body mass and bone mineral density enhances the analytical value of DEXA.

MRI/MRS imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging is performed through the ITS-CRC and the Department of Radiology and has been used by many of our CRC investigators for the determination of muscle volume and fat changes associated with long-term interventions. Lower body imaging is employed to study leg muscle and fat changes associated with inactivity, the use of anabolic agents in aging, and pediatric and adult burn rehabilitation.

Director – Don Powell, MD
Core Laboratory Manager – Rosalinda Rivera, MS