Community Engaged Humanities

The success of clinical and translational research relies on the participation of community members as volunteers. Members of the community have a strong stake in the success of UTMB and in finding solutions to health problems that directly affect them. Developing bonds with the community that encourage community members to participate as full partners in the research enterprise is an important goal of the Institute for Translational Sciences. Ethics Support contributes toward achieving that goal by engaging in educational programs, social interactions, social sciences research, and ongoing dialogue about goal setting, planning, and implementation of programs to respond to community health needs.

To request more information regarding community engaged humanities:
A request can be initiated (1) electronically or by (2) contacting a consultant

  1. Ethics Support Request Form – Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Please select ‘Community Engaged Humanities’ in the Purpose of Request section. The form contains a ‘Submit’ button for your convenience.

  2. A consultant may be contacted by phone at 409-747-1230 (after-hours and on the weekends and holidays a recorded message supplies a pager number to reach the on-call consultant). Or, you may call the director at (409) 772-1208. If you are on campus, just dial: 2-1208.