Research Support

The ITS seeks to facilitate translational research as a rigorous discipline, develop translational research training programs at all levels in the graduate continuum, effectively conduct and bridge step 1 translational research to steps 2 and 3, and interface productively with the national CTSA consortium. In particular, the CTSA helps UTMB to build teams of researchers with diverse skills who can work effectively toward positive health outcomes. These teams also serve as exemplary learning environments for the next generation of translational investigators. Training activities include a Clinical and Translational Scholars program, an Academy of Mentors, a seminar series and team training workshops.

Many resources (organized as Key Resources) are available for investigators who desire to participate in translational research. These resources can be accessed through the Coordination Core which can help coordinate and form Multidisciplinary Translational Teams (MTTs) to facilitate clinical and translational research by identifying project needs, allocating resources, and monitoring progress, and increasing throughput and efficiency of translational research by identifying and overcoming rate limiting resource barriers for CTSA core activities and eliminating duplication of effort.

For more information contact the Coordination Core: or x72872 (CTSA