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The Team Science Pyramid

The Team Science Pyramid is an attempt to organize and codify the many diverse elements and practices that constitute this emerging new field. Overall, we see the field of team science as being comprised of three large but interrelated areas. There are: Team Education, Team Development, and Team Assessment and Evaluation. Each of these areas can be organized around their primary factors and practice activities. By categorizing literature, research, best practices, and institutional efforts in these areas, it is hoped that developers and users of team science can communicate more effectively.

We see the area of Team Education as consisting of the primary factors of Competency Models, Team Effectiveness and Adaptation/Development Models, and Basic Interpersonal and Team Skills, as well as the programmatic activities of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Courses, Seminars and Workshops, and Mentoring. Team Development is seen as consisting of the primary factors of Team Assembly and Structure, Team Processes, and Team Leadership and Followership, along with the programmatic activities of Team Training and Coaching, Team Building, and Process and Innovation Interventions. Team Assessment and Evaluation is seen as being represented by the primary factors of Outcomes Evaluation, Process Evaluation, and Developmental Evaluation, along with the programmatic activities of Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, and Mixed Methods.


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