UTMB honored by TriNetX

Jun 6, 2023, 16:39 PM by Susan Rojahn

TriNetX honored the University of Texas Medical Branch with a Healthcare Partner Recognition Award for its commitment to increasing health research knowledge and for being a long-term strategic partner in real-world evidence generation.

TriNetX is a network of healthcare organizations and life sciences companies that share de-identified patient data via a self-service online web tool. The web tool allows users to access real-world data from millions of patients to explore clinical and translational questions and support studies to improve human health. Researchers can use TriNetX data to conduct health outcomes research, identify potential collaborators for a multi-institutional study, and determine if there are sufficient numbers of eligible patients for a clinical trial focused on a specific condition.

The Institute for Translational Sciences's Informatics Team established UTMB access to the TriNetX network in 2020. TriNetX network participation has tangible benefits for the UTMB research community, with 30 peer-reviewed publications and 60 active studies using TriNetX. Further, UTMB is a strategic partner to the network and has developed a biomedical informatics course (PHTO 6125, Bioinformatics Tools and Applications) that provides theoretical and practical experience in analyzing and interpreting epidemiological, real-world data from the TriNetX platform. 

Read more about UTMB's participation in the network in these excerpts from the May 2023 TriNetX newsletter: 



If you are a UTMB researcher or student interested in TriNetX, please visit the ITS Health Informatics TriNetX Group page.