TriNetX study from ITS faculty

May 30, 2024, 09:07 AM by Susan Rojahn

A new study from UTMB researchers supports an alternative treatment for the hyperglycemia that affects many patients with burn injuries. ITS faculty Drs. Georgiy Golovko and Steven Wolf, along with other UTMB colleagues, are co-authors on the new publication in the journal Burns. The investigators analyzed de-identified patient data from hundreds of healthcare organizations available via TriNetX, an ITS-supported resource. They found that morbidity and mortality were reduced in patients treated with metformin compared to those treated with insulin, the current standard of care.

Citation: Hallman TG, Golovko G, Song J, Palackic A, Wolf SE, El Ayadi A. Metformin is associated with reduced risk of mortality and morbidity in burn patients compared to insulin. Burns. Accepted and in press as of May 30, 2024.