Vaccinology Track

Graduate students who want to become experts in the translational pathway for vaccine research, development and implementation can participate in the Vaccinology Track of the Human Pathophysiology and Translational Medicine (HPTM) program. The track is the first vaccinology curriculum in the United States designed for non-physicians, and represents a collaboration of the  Sealy Institute of Vaccine Sciences (SIVS), the Institute for Translational Sciences, and the Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences.

The aim of the Vaccinology Track is to train the next generation of vaccinologists and enable students to realize the full breadth of opportunities in the vaccinology field and job market beyond basic bench science research, including positions within non-government organizations, government entities, and the pharmaceutical industry.


Vaccinology Track Leadership

Nigel Bourne, PhD, Director

Alan Barrett, PhD, Associate Director

David Beasley, PhD, Associate Director

Janice Endsley, PhD, Associate Director

Dennis Bente, DVM, PhD, Associate Director

Richard Rupp, MD, Associate Director