About the Vaccinology Track

The vaccine development pipeline is, by nature, translational, interprofessional, and multidisciplinary; necessitating resources and expertise from diverse fields. The SIVS, which includes the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Vaccine Research, Evaluation and Training on Emerging Infectious Diseases is engaged in all aspects of the development pathway from basic discovery and preclinical studies to the conduct of clinical trials, licensure and implementation.

Competencies in team science and team leadership are an integral part of the HPTM curriculum, and now the Vaccinology Track.  The HPTM program, housed in the Institute for Translational Sciences, trains researchers to understand both the mechanistic pathophysiology of disease and the methodological and teamwork skills necessary to translate discoveries into interventions.

Sealy Institute for Vaccine SciencesThe Vaccinology Track is led by a team of international experts. Dr. Nigel Bourne is the Director and Drs. Alan Barrett, David Beasley, Dennis Bente, Janice Endsley and Richard Rupp are Associate Directors.  Notably, Drs. Milligan and Barrett are the co-editors of the only published student textbook in vaccinology – “Vaccinology: An Essential Guide” which is the conceptual basis for their course (INTD 6219), “Vaccine Development Pathway: From Discovery to Licensure.”  The Track incorporates hands-on experiences including an internship and an optional international internship.

The Vaccinology Track is open to existing and prospective PhD students. There are opportunities for current students to join the Vaccinology Track.

Application and Admission:
Interested students should complete the UTMB Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) application, through the BioMedCAS application system, and select HPTM as one of their programs of choice. They will be further prompted on this selection to choose between the general program and the Vaccinology Track.  Qualified students will be directly admitted into the HPTM program and will engage in the unique HPTM curriculum immediately upon matriculation.

Existing and prospective students please complete the HPTM/SIVS Vaccinology Track Sign Up . Track sign up applications are accepted throughout the year, but will only be reviewed for admission in the fall, for students currently at UTMB.


Vaccinology Track Leadership

Nigel Bourne, PhD, Director

Alan Barrett, PhD, Associate Director

David Beasley, PhD, Associate Director

Janice Endsley, PhD, Associate Director

Dennis Bente, DVM, PhD, Associate Director

Richard Rupp, MD, Associate Director