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What is REDCapREDCap - Research Electronic Data Capture

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application that allows users to build and maintain online surveys and databases for data collection.

We invite you to look over the documentation found on this page and the REDCap Consortium web site to see how this tool can benefit you.

Key Features

  • Powerful but Simple - REDCap is super easy to use and incredibly flexible.
  • Training Videos - On the REDCap web site you will find numerous videos that will help you learn just about anything and everything about REDCap.
  • Documentation - Documentation is plentiful and can be readily found online.
  • Practical - REDCap is a great tool that can benefit just about any department. It is extremely flexible and has a lot of features that are normally desired.
  • Support - The application is user friendly, but we have support if needed.
  • Data Import/Export - The creators are really in charge of their own data, meaning creators can easily import and export data. Data Dictionaries can be extracted into EXCEL and then data can simply follow the same pattern.
  • Data De-identification- methods imposed as a means of preventing from exporting sensitive data
  • Branching Logic - logic that can provide additional objects (such as textboxes, option buttons, or others) only if certain conditions are met.
  • Email Notifications - Notifications can be sent when records are added.
  • Logging and Audit Trail - REDCap does a great job at tracking application usage.
  • Compliance - REDCap has security features such as User Privileges, Authentication (LDAP & Table based), Interoperability, auto-logout setting, authentication, logging, auditing, and data protection.
  • REDCap Shared Library - a repository for REDCap data collection instruments and forms that can be downloaded and used by researchers.


  • There is Help available on the REDCap website.
  • Training videos are available on the REDCap website.
  • Staff available for training and to assist in survey and form creation.

Who can use it? (Open to anyone at UTMB.)

How do I get access? (Go to REDCap User Access Requests and submit your request!)

Download Training (a Power Point version of REDCap training.)

Find out more about Repeating Instruments and Events here!

You can log-in to REDCap by clicking here!